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 Catalyzed Chrome System

Luster-On Chrome: A chromic acid compound containing a specialized catalyst, which features outstanding performance for all chrome plating applications. High plating speeds and uniform deposition are some of the advantages in hard chrome plating. Decorative baths feature excellent throwing power and bright clear plating. The lower operating concentrations prove economically attractive in make-up, production and waste treatment costs. Luster-On Chromium is suitable for both decorative and industrial chrome plating applications.

 Chrome Mist Relief

Luster-On Chrome Mist Relief produces stable foam in chrome plating solutions where conventional hydrocarbon surfactants would be destroyed. Use of Luster-On Chrome Mist Relief at concentrations as low as 1/2-lb./1000 gals. produces a foam blanket and lowers surface tension effectively reducing misting and spattering of chrome plating solution during operation. At this concentration,testing has shown that Chrome Mist Relief reduces the surface tension below the 45-dynes/cm level required by the Clean Air Act MACT standard.Advantages of use include:Reduced chromic acid mist. Reduced concentration in exhaust stream. Reduced drag-out of chrome plating solution.  Reduced corrosion of equipment.

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